The End is Near at #secondlife for me anyway

Elpis, the avatar, is down to her last week or so at Second Life.

It’s been a good show, a good life, but it’s time to let go.

Especially since when I start to be optimistic about staying, I find out that dealing with the whiny people that have come out is so frustrating. There’s more grumpy breeders in SL now…the breedables are still great, just more people voicing how they’re entitled or just plain whining.  oYo is releasing their horses there, which is awesome. (And not a bad thing, as one breeder had the balls to whine about. Sorry to you that they responded favorably to demands to release them there and didn’t cater to you personally. Grow up!)

But I’m breeding way over 200 on four sims in IW and still see the day when I add on. Still no Biobreeds, but that’s their loss. Get the feeling they prefer Sansar anyway.

I did warn my friends of my leaving. It was one awesome breedable/publishing friend who responded to me and members of my D’ni family. Some I stayed in contact with, so didn’t need a response. Others who did not told me respond…well, they ignoring me told me how they felt, so they’re already unfriended.

Now, I start saying final good-byes and unfriending people. I’ll attempt to visit an auction and a D’ni gathering before going completely. Tricky with me working 12 hour days.

This blog is getting a clean out, and just be here to register how Elpis leaves, not only Second Life, but also the world of D’ni Exploring.

Here’s a page from Maci’s journal that briefly outlines what’s happened:

Maci’s journal April 2nd, 2016

I’m not sure what’s going on, to be honest. Noble and I are remaining with the M’nine people to study their language and traditions more and document them. The rest of the exploration group broke up after we found the M’nine people and returned them to their home. 

Elpis and Thorne have disappeared. For a long time, they stayed in the cavern and came to see some of the events a few of FotF people threw, but then stopped. No word. No nothing. Not even to me.

Elpis had been feeling restless and saying she needed to take a long journey. She has a secret area within D’ni Aegura. Filled with more linking books she found and never turned in to the group. I’ve never seen them, but she told me about them.

Perhaps with the clues she left me I could find her secret home and follow her, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll choose to respect her choice in life and continue my work with Noble.

I do miss her. She is my best friend.

Elpis doesn't much like Sharper and the "work" he did.

Elpis doesn’t much like Sharper and the “work” he did.


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