One Visit Coming #secondlife

No, Elpis isn’t returning to Second Life. That character’s time there is really done. But I do have to jump in to empty inventory and say a final good-bye before unfriending everyone completely.  I won’t have LL release the name though, she is her own character with her own storyline. If anyone wishes to steal her, they have to do it on Sansar.

This is on my mind today, as I have some strong virtual world decisions coming up for myself. Do I now just start turning back to building and away from breedables all together or do I make another shift?

I’m sorry to say I see the beginnings of what made me leave Amaretto beginning in oYo within SL. Let’s just say, playing for money is more important to them, than for fun in SL now. It’s went as far as to say they wronged a member of my D’ni family.

Sad. Like a slap in the face. I really have grown close to them and to see them react in this manner, is heart breaking, to say the least. But it’s worse for my friend…she actually got the “physical” slap in the face.

We’re both saying we miss Ozzie so bad and miss Biobreeds so much.

The oYo group is fantastic in Inworldz still, but the events in SL have caused me to not spend too much there anymore. And I have…way too much. I got up to 400 animals. Been heavening and setting out for sale all that aren’t personally special to me. And started moves to close down my market there. When I’m done I’ll be down to around 100 animals, quietly breeding them down at home, and not carrying a market for them. What sales there are from me will be given to RFL after the market closes.

My friend and I are hasty in our tongue on a specific issue, and I know that’s what happened. Still, how it was handled is very, very telling. A warning of what not to get one self into.

In the old days, I’d just hastily delete everything and be done with it. But I thought about it…I spent a lot of money buying these. A LOT. They’re mine. Me doing that won’t sting one bit. Well, okay maybe it will. IW is a small group with many small breeders. My absence would be noticed financially.

And it will make a mark still. While I’m still breeding for fun and just closing the market, it does mean I have stop the plans I put in forth. Plans that involved another 50K game dollars worth of buying with the creator per month. I’m sure after a few months, if not sooner, they’ll notice. That’s okay. They may be slightly sad about that, but I get the feeling it won’t be much of sting for them.

Not going on one of my rants…Lord knows that’s a waste of “breath”.

Just saying we all have decisions to make based on our own feelings of what’s right and what’s wrong, and on where our priorities lay.

For me, right is honoring my rights to do what I like and for how much, when I own a product. (and that’s what the law says)

For me, right is respecting your customers. If someone gets upset, you talk to them to find out why. Not treat them like a criminal. (Especially knowing it very well could be someone you know very well in other channels, whether you realize it or not.)

For me, wrong is expecting to sell something for way more than 100% markup than what it costs you. (In running real life businesses I don’t do that…danged well not going to do it in my virtual world businesses.)

Likewise, for me, wrong in breedable sales expecations is to sell something to pay for all your expenses at unreasonable rates, just because you can. (and not just because those who want to make more money off of others for pixel animals harass you into it)

For me, the priority in breedables is to play solely for fun without disrespect over what I do with my critters or how much I sell them for.  In a nice friendly community where you can build a good family base and not be ‘slapped in the face’ suddenly.

I found that and more in Biobreeds.

Hence the reason I am writing out my thoughts, to find what I want to set up in my near future.

Do I take that extra funds to RL and do something else with it?

Do I invest that back into IW and get another sim?

Do I awake one of my old avatars in SL and return to Biobreeds?

All are appealing to me. And I do not know what I’ll do yet…

Decisions, decisions…




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