It’s still proving to be good in #inworldz

This post is mostly inworldz, but also a further discussion of my decision about my gameplay. The Elpis and other characters part of it.

First, I MAY return slightly to SL. There is a chance a friend who lives close to me in RL may dump her character. Told her not to until I decide. I like her character and I gave her a ton of my biobreeds and kittycats.

She’s finding out she’s really not the virtual world type. LOL She almost left right away. She chose to be an old grandma character because she thought that would be safe. She got hit on by a lesbian grandma not long after joining. LOL No one’s safe.

But if she leaves, I’m tempted to take her avatar and run with her story for another short short story character.

Truth be told, I did some snooping over this past week in SL and almost was pulled in again. Saw things I really missed…namely being able to chat with certain people. But then saw so much more I didn’t miss. Computer and internet ran well, but still way too many pain in the butt things. And those dreaded ban lines or security orbs.

Chances are after this RFL season I will use my extra gaming funds for another sim for Dragonfist in Inworldz. It still seems to be the best place to spend money and time enjoying.

The oYo group there is awesome, and not hung up about money. That’s the nice thing about a smaller grid and smaller group. They can see it is a waste of time to spend too much energy on it.

And I’m happy that I decided to pull away from “selling” breedables and sell to benefit RFL. Or to work towards that. Still have some sales down to work on at the sales area. Could take me two weeks to get that completed.

But the RFL only sales stand is up at Dee’s Designs and I’ve started choosing what will go on it. I may still breed a lot of breedables but have designed a way for me to keep in good standing with the oYo group without compromising my own believes, or hitting on my pet peeves.

Should they choose to adopt the “healthy market” attitude like SL here, I am in a position to ignore it without losing my status. And hopefully for my ranch partner too. Hopefully.

Doubt it would be too bad. Most also left SL to get away from the “expense” of doing anything at all.

I used to make money in one breedable I didn’t like as well to fund expenses for the one breedable I really wanted to run. I saw some familiar names in SL’s oYo. Bet they’re selling higher in SL to move money over and fund IW play. I know if I was interested and willing to overlook the crappy stuff, I would.

May go quiet here for awhile now. Heavy workload, taking care of parents, anniversary weekend with family, and so forth. Then return with an Elpis story. Got one in mind I may work on over the next month.

Whatever you do, wherever you do it, do it how you like, and enjoy yourself. Forget what others think or say.

I do miss these babies in SL too.

I do miss these babies in SL too.


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