Figuring myself out in Virtual Worlds

I’ve done a ton of whining but in the process of whining I’ve also listened to myself and tried to find out why these things bother me so much. I think I am closer to understanding a part of me.

But not understanding how virtual worlds affect some people so strangely still. I’ve done some talking about the price fixing, bad attitudes toward customers, blatant disrespect for anyone else’s freedom of thought or speech, and so forth in the breedables world.

One person in particular who’s with the same people in both grids asked a very pointed question. “Why are they so rude and horrid in SL and yet the nicest people ever in IW? It’s scary.”

Made me think. They really are! And not just the individuals we’ve been discussing.

The more people you gather together, the meaner they get?  I don’t know. Doesn’t seem as simple as that. The BB and KC crew seem completely unaffected by neither the idea of money grabbing in the secondary market, or being disrespectful and defensive against their customers. And they have huge groups.

Maybe some people just can’t handle the pressure of having too many personalities to deal with.

I do know one thing.

Zero Tolerance towards your customers is wrong. Very wrong. They have every right to disagree with you. They have every right to get mad at you if you do something wrong.

Problem with this group is that they had one person get riled up and try to cause a whole load of trouble for them. I mean huge accusations of owners and CSRs in chat and in notecards to other people. Yes, that’s crossing the line, and they dealt with it properly. We, the rest of their customers, stood behind them and supported them in this.

They did that right. What they did wrong was close down groups so new customers can’t join unless they find someone to let them in. In what world does that make sense? It’s destructive and an over reaction to one trouble maker. It actually punished us who were trying to bring new customers in. It made our job twice as difficult…and still is to this day. My ranch partner and I constantly try to jump through hoops to help people.

You close off groups and you alienate people. You want people to buy more product from you, you remove the barriers to that. This means quick and easy access to notices on products, and quick and easy access to getting help with their products. It’s the same rules we follow in our real life businesses.

The Zero Tolerance didn’t become an issue in IW. Let’s face it. Those of us there, just close chat and keep our traps shut, because we don’t want to get banned, or told we’re not a CSR so we shouldn’t be helping others. It happens. A lot.

A little secret. When the person needing help, doesn’t get enough or we’re not sure if they are, and they purchased product from us…we contact them in private to make sure they’re okay. We take care of our customers fully. We even listen respectfully to their complaints. And guess what? They keep coming back to us for more sales.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a wonderful group of people. Super product creation. Extra generous creators and customers.

But I won’t be in SL with them…ever. They’ve handed the management reins over to a group of non-tolerant, control hungry people.

I went to work with my friend’s avatar a few days ago. I won’t go into the mayhem I saw while I was there, but I totally stand with my above statement.

I left telling my friend I probably won’t want to take over her avatar and breedables when she’s done. But really…maybe I will. She’s doing BB and KC and they’re top notch. They really run a good business, and are so supportive, and her animals are kicking out some fun stuff. Plus, dangit, the character she chose has been begging me to write some short funny stories to use her for.

But, in myself, I’m starting to learn why this stuff bothers me. Yes, there’s the whole “this is my stuff and I’ll do what I dang well like” attitude. And being against any form of price fixing, whether it’s direct or implied or coerced.

It’s more than that. There’s ethics in selling anything. And for me, keeping the secondary market running high is not a concern at all. In fact, I don’t think it should be high. I don’t think anyone should be made to pay $200USD or more for a pixel object. NEVER. And yes, I’ve seen that just today when I visited my friend this morning. Yes the product’s bit rare, but not an ethical thing to do. Sadly, it’s all too common in SL.

This is why virtual world marketplaces have always bothered me. So many people get into it and just see dollar signs. Reasonable sales I’m all for. And there are structured plans to make money at that…it works. But these go for the quick buck to pay their gaming bills.

When I got to SL eons ago, it used to be all about creativity and fun. Now everywhere you go, people don’t have fun. They’re disappointed in the game because it doesn’t pay the bills they incur in the game…some even complain they can’t buy food in RL because of the game. (Another topic.)

IW is fun. It’s about the fun still. It feels like home.

This week and next week, I’m taking care of parents and work on some big projects. Then a few days break to catch up…maybe get some Dee’s Designs product made for RFL sales this year. Then our anniversary weekend and a family care visit.

During this time, I’ll try to write up a new Elpis journal to post here. I don’t think she’ll have a book coming, but maybe a small Age story.

For work, I got a new iphone and a new ipad. Life saver and best investment ever. Internet went wonky when a live webinar was starting and I was able to quickly use my ipad’s data to set up and get into the webinar.

I gotta tell you. RealMyst on the ipad is awesome. I’ve played it many times but loving it on the ipad. Need some practice though still. Walking around Myst Island like a drunk. LOL

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