Virtual Comparison SecondLife and Inworldz

Now that I’ve given my light return to Second Life a few months, I feel it’s time for a review.

The avatar I’m using is still incognito, and I still haven’t felt the slightest urge to reconnect with old friends and family. I do, however, have her hooked up to keep tabs on them because I do care. Have even prayed a few times for those in need.

I know, not nice, according to some people’s standards. But I am a natural hermit, being reclusive suits me. It is what it is.

I have decided if I ever decide to connect again, I’ll use one of my alternate avatars. Not Elpis. Elpis definitely has left the building. *smirk*

My avatar has her own land, two rentals, and three sales rentals now. She’s lurked during the groups and hung out with her animals.

The verdict is: Second Life just doesn’t have the mojo that Inworldz does.

1. Performance.
Testing with three computers varying from high game to basic operation capabilities, and a higher speed internet.
Finding is: Second Life just doesn’t perform as well as Inworldz.
Rezing is tougher. Mesh isn’t handled near as well. I will admit mesh is a ton better than it was. LL has really improved it. Sounds are slower to respond.
There’s more drag, more crashes, more everything negative than what I find in Inworldz.
A few issues that arose years ago still remain. These keep me from being tempted to try building again.
My friend and I still have to send our SL messages to each other in Inworldz because we can’t get offline messages through in SL still.

2. Activities.
Now this is only through observation, since I’m not involved.
Activities seem high, as I would expect with the larger grid. They seem well organized and well thought out. Lots of things to interest anyone needing to fill in some time.
Group chats seem well maintained. Trolls still abound…some group monitors are good with dealing with it, others choose to ignore it. But for the most part, members seem to be supportive of one another.
(exception being the market nazis..see my page on that if you wish to hear my diatribe on it)

3. Linden Labs.
Still a corporation ran like a corporation, but I see a lot more personal connection on their end to their customers. This is a good thing. As always, in such cases, you never know if they’re being truthful or telling you everything. Safe to assume no, due to some level of secrecy is always needed for normal business operation.
Improvements on grid: I say they’re working better at it, if not harder.
Upgrades, still done at wrong times inconvenient for most residents. People have just resolved to put up with it though and adjust accordingly.
TOS: yeah, still not going to get my original stuff on their grid from me. Still sucks.

4. Breedables.
For a review…breedables are still very enjoyable on this grid. If you want to breed and stay alone or in your small family group that thinks alike, it’s fun. If you would like to use your breedables as a way to socialize, the loud mouthed market nazis will find you in a few groups and harass you. It’s a shame. (again see my market nazi page if you like to see more of my thoughts on this)
The breedables world seems to still be growing and not caring when the end of SL will come, which we all know will. Which is a healthy attitude. Even without Sansar being released, there’s never any guarantee of a game remaining in operation.
Extra points go to Kittycats and Biobreeds. They keep growing and don’t allow bashing to go on about the secondary market. They still understand that the true fun in breeding is just being able to get different combinations, and that the selling doesn’t mean a lot to many. They create solely for the love of creating.
I suspect if there weren’t market nazis, the majority of breeders, who are ones who stay silent because they don’t have time to deal with the BS, would team together and have huge breedables trade groups and swap meets. (Gosh! wouldn’t that just burst the market nazi’s bubble?) You can still find them, just not that many.

Personal findings:
I did elect to be a paid member with SL again and have land. More for the sake of privacy than anything else. Being a member is still a good deal, based on what you get as a member. I know for as long as I choose to stay with SL, I’ll continue the membership and that owned land.
I have the rented land paid for two weeks, and then I’ll see. I may ditch one or both of the rented lands.
The animals are fun, but the poor grid performance compared to Inworldz is discouraging. While I’ll enjoy hours of time in Inworldz, I find myself tired of SL within anywhere from 10 minutes to 1/2 an hour.
If I do choose to become involved, it may be to awaken one of my writing avatars and hang out with a few writer’s groups. They’re still there and they are still full of old friends I’d feel comfortable with.
I think if I want to connect with my Myst family again, I’ll choose to do with within Myst Online itself instead.

Elpis has not left the world of Myst, even though I’ve been playing Obduction with my husband lately. In fact, Elpis and Thorne have been exploring the Great Shaft and making some discoveries. I’m waiting until I have so much written before sharing those stories though.

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