Okay, maybe an important to many of us complaint of Inworldz…

Supposedly, griefer and harassment issues are to be directed to AR Inworldz avatar. Well, either notecards aren’t getting through or in our opinion that person isn’t doing their job. After repeated attacks from same user on multiple avis, there’s still nothing done to IP ban the person.

So, since whoever is in charge of AR Inworldz isn’t listening after a minimum of three complaints, I decided to file a ticket.

Of course, I get the “support does not handle this” BS and referred to do the one thing that is not working.

So what do we do now? Do we as a group ask every member to bombard the AR Inworldz with notecards until something is done? I mean, if nothing’s been done with three complaints, will 50 at once do any good?

And was my words in my support ticket totally ignored? I said complaints were already made with no results…meaning whoever read it to make sure it gets forwarded and noticed. If one channel doesn’t work, I’ll try another…so the second channel didn’t work…I told our admin I’ll roar until someone fricken listens…this is channel number three…I’ll go to four and five if I have to.

Plus there were other words in said support ticket.

Like…requests for more security tools for our admins.

I looked on the groups I own.

Couldn’t find a way to delete old notices. We need that. Why should we still be subjected to seeing abusive, prejudiced language that’s against Inworldz TOS in the first place whenever we check our notice list? We shouldn’t. Admins should have the power to delete notices.

And I tried banning him with the resident chooser from my groups. Button went through all the actions, but he never went on the banned list for the group. In fact, I’m not sure the banned list function works. We need that to help us protect those individuals who sign up for our groups.

Banning from parcels does work.

Maybe I’m missing something or group admin doesn’t work in all viewers, which will be a danged nuisance if so.

So, there’s my gripe. And I hope something gets done. There was a number of us talking and pissed that we’re being ignored on this.

Or for some weird reason notecards to that avi aren’t working.


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2 thoughts on “Okay, maybe an important to many of us complaint of Inworldz…

  1. Can you PM me (Twitter or in-world) which avatar you’re referring to (not here)? InWorldz did recently IP ban an address for posts in groups. It affected several avatar accounts.

    However you won’t necessarily be told the results of an AR. There are fairly hard lines of privacy between user accounts and people filing complaints against them. Any affected accounts are a personal matter between IW and that account, it’s just that others can initiate that. Even I’m often not aware. In this case though, I’m the one who added an IP address to the banned list. I’m also the one who implemented IP bans on the *login* server rather than individual regions recently as well. There is a very good chance that this was taken care of swiftly and definitively but that you just aren’t aware of the outcome.


  2. Also I should add that you are correct that all of the land-related (region/estate and parcel) ban features were implemented in InWorldz, but that group bans are not yet available. That was a fairly recent addition to SL, and one that I was very pleased to see. There are some changes to needed in some of the libraries InWorldz (Halcyon) software depends on before we can go ahead and implement group bans. I’m really looking forward to being able to do that work though, along with automated group cleanup when the last owner leaves a group, and parcel privacy features. But it’s not available yet.

    And I should clarify that the shotgun approach to reporting something won’t work, you’ll just get redirected to the appropriate reporting process. So for example Support staff cannot process AR’s, so that needs to go to AR InWorldz. Likewise, neither Support nor AR can help with any attempt to report incomplete features or enhancement suggestions in either the viewer or grid server software. That needs to go to development, my department, although we’re already aware of most things that are still missing. However we (and you) can track this and be informed if you file a Mantis report at bugs.inworldz.com (or raise an issue on the Halcyon project on GitHub). For additional security tools for your admins, you’ll need to be a bit more specific (I’m not sure if you mean region/estate tools or group or parcel or something else). There are already a lot of region/estate/land security tools available (including bans and the ability to teleport others home, etc) and some pretty advanced third-party estate tools as well. But that is completely separate form an Abuse Report (handled by different people).

    In terms of cleaning up past notice that contain abusive messages, your best bet there is to raise a Support ticket *only* asking for those to be deleted, and include either a screenshot highlighting the ones in question, a list of date/times, the poster’s name if you want all from that user removed, or if it’s obvious (e.g. same subject all the time) then some other way to identify which notices should be removed.


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