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I really like this article about Second Life by Caledonia Skytower. What are you doing the rest of your second life?

As many know, I’m one to cry out when Linden Labs go through a phase of ignoring us, their customers. I’m also one to have stated several times that I feel they’ve been doing a better job in recent times.

This article does imply many get bored with the same old thing and move on to the flashier options. They do. But not me. Simpler is better for me.

I joined Second Life when it was full of bugs and took a lot of patience to deal with. It still has issues, still doesn’t run as well as I would like some days, and still takes patience. But it’s improved a lot.

Is it the best choice for me? Obviously, if you’ve been reading my stuff, you know the answer to that is no.

BUT I am still there. Just not living there. It’s no longer a location for my “second life”. It’s a game, I visit every few days for a short time on my breaks. It’s something inbetween a grid home and a standalone game I like to play multiple times.

The code still works, which is impressive. But it is reaching it’s limits of how well it can be customed to meet customers’ expectations.

The author of the above article implied that, as a free player, one does not have a say in grid matters. As a marketing professional, I disagree.

Many free players still pay lindens for things, and all do provide the business a service in return for playing on the grid and letting others know about it. So, I’m sure Linden Labs realize these individuals are just as important to cater to.

Plus, in marketing speak, even free players are being groomed to becoming paying players at some point…in some way. A part of the marketing funnel for lead generation, for those of us in marketing.

I know where this thought process of the non-paying players comes from. Linden Labs support and perks do not cater to the free players on the grid. This is one thing that took me away from Second Life. Once I saw there was something better.

In Inworldz, I had a voice long before I paid to play. Something beyond the message boards, which even free players in Second Life do get also. The founders and managers talked to us. We’re able to start tickets and everyone is treated equally, not according to our paying status.

And less “government”. In Inworldz, we do consider the Izzy economy. Just not on the same level as Second Life pushes the Linden economy.

I’m not pointing this out to actually bash Second Life and Linden Labs. I’m just showing these things turned me off, and that’s a major part of what made Second Life become boring to me. From what I hear Linden Labs has listened to others feeling the same way and has made some improvements with Sansar.

The breedables keep me there. I’m still in familar territory, not as myself. Never again. But I quietly go in every few days or so, for a few moments to check in on my breedables. While the grid doesn’t hold a fascination for me anymore, I’ve chosen to have fun with the critters while it’s there.

The other thing is, I like simple living. I’m not interested in bigger, faster, and flashier bells and whistles. I like a simple game life that allows me to create and interact on a basic level.  In Inworldz, mesh is 100 times better, but still sometimes it does not please me. Even in prims, I find myself preferring good old fashioned regular and sculpt prims.  Even for my avatar.

Perhaps it’s because I’m not into pixel humping. Thus, I’m also not interested in how oddly my butt or chest wiggles and bounces to attract another who may or may not be of the sex I want to get involved with. And if I wasn’t happily committed to my husband in both of my lives, I probably wouldn’t be interested in either of those things anyway. That’s not how I roll.

So the real reason I read the above article. What are you doing with your second life?

I’m living it in Inworldz with more freedom and ease than ever. Thanks to the oYos, I have wonderful breedables to play with. Thanks to the founders and managers being so open and wonderful, I feel comfortable with them.

It suits me. I’m more of an introvert. The easier grid performance and lower population helps me be more comfortable.

Granted, my “second life” is waning. My mundane life is becoming way too busy and way too full for me to spend time I have in the games in the previous years. And it is possible that my “second life” will turn into a once a week thing for an hour or two. Main reason it isn’t now is because I’m able to be in and work at same time, giving me an outdoor atmosphere for my indoor work area.

And if we get the hobby farm situation we’re thinking of…who knows. We never know how the future will shape our lives, the mundane ones or the “second life” ones.

Second Life taught me how to create, how to put designs together. Inworldz continues that teaching. That teaching carries over in the mundane world. I see the influences in websites I put together, infographics designs, and other graphic designs.

While I’ve outgrown Second Life and have gotten downright pissed off at it in the past, it’s helped shape me and my career.

My wonderful sky garden for the dogs and cats in Inworldz, using Breezy Builds skybox garden as a base.

My wonderful sky garden for the dogs and cats in Inworldz, using Breezy Builds skybox garden as a base.


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