From Being Special to Being There #inworldz

I’m learning more about the virtual world personality and how it relates to us in real life. Why live a virtual life?

There are many reasons. One of them is that it is easy to become “special” to someone else, or a group of someone else. Not just in relationships, but in becoming a customer to a creator in the world.

I’m an introvert, so my chances of being special in real life is often limited to my family…often to just my husband for many days at a time. As an introvert, being social truly wears out my body and mind. I can be social, but then need 2 or 3 days alone to recouperate.

This seems to somewhat true in virtual world living. I find I have a limit to my social happiness during the RFL fundraising season. I often need breaks when I must not be in contact with anyone…often not even wanting to be “seen” by anyone.

In life, I’ve always been a business manager. I’ve ran a lot of businesses and even when I was just a worker for a business, I ended up “managing” the department in some fashion. This progressed to being an office manager and then finally to having my own business again.

Seems that in virtual world, I need some contact with the creator of my breedables and that I need to be kept in the loop of things. It’s more than just being able to run my own business effectively, and being able to guide my own customers. It’s something “special” to be in constant contact with the creator.

This hasn’t happened so often lately, since the bundle breakage issue has tamed down…or at least we’re on a slight break from it. And at events and such, there’s less oYo creator one on one time with them and us breeders. Like they’re there in the background doing their jobs but that’s it.

And it’s true. Because they are so ultra busy in Second Life, the daily contact in Inworldz with breeders has fallen onto the CSRs and other managers. Understandable, and no failing on their part. They’re kicking out an awesome product and making sure our troubles are tended to very quickly still.

But, sadly, the creators haven’t had time to personally socialize with us for awhile. While I know why, I realize what it is that creates some of the fun in breeding. It’s the whole feeling that we’re seen as “special” when they’re around to tell us what to look forward to and to just chat. Now that they’re so busy designing, it feels as if we’re just “there”.

I suspect being special is one of the benefits people find in developing romantic relationships in world, clubbing, being a creator who has an active group following, being a DJ, and numerous other activities one can do in world.

Something interesting.

Now, on the oYo note. Having fun. Loads of it. But realize I went off the deep end again as a breeder. My numbers are up too high again. I say when I leave for a few days and come back to 80 bundles waiting for me, I may be breeding too many.

Horses is my worse weakness and must cut back. Today I went roaming around Second Life and realized it’s possible this may be made easier for me. I hope we get a say about the new “hairs” they’re creating for Second Life. Personally, I don’t want them. Way too cutesy. I want my natural hairs that’s currently on my horses and not those “improved” hairs, as they called them. We shall see. If our Inworldz hairs are “improved”, I just won’t be tempted to breed as many as I am.

Now the new dogs in Second Life…I saw the German Shepherd and Great Dane bodies. Seem better than the Inworldz ones. Those I’d like to see “improved”. And the different coats I saw…I’d like to see those too come to Inworldz.

Going to be interesting to see what comes to Inworldz and what doesn’t. And how that affects my breeding choices.

Getting a lot of Dawn Dapples, just not ready to start selling them yet...they're worth more to me than the market supports. Maybe when the barn is all Dawn Dapples...

Getting a lot of Dawn Dapples, just not ready to start selling them yet…they’re worth more to me than the market supports. Maybe when the barn is all Dawn Dapples…


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