My Limited VW Last Three Months

Look at me! I’ve been in Mystonline again. Took forever to figure out how to make it work right after everything went to Windows 10. Why no one thinks to sticky something up top in the forums and social sites to help newer players, I don’t know. I found it because I’m an old player and knew where to dig to find the goodies.

Or maybe that’s the plan. Maybe they secretly want people to get discouraged and move along so they can drop it. I don’t think so, but the lack of certain things does make one wonder. Probably it’s just not a priority until they get the new sign up issue worked out.

I’m glad to be in the Ages again and loving it. But do miss the Cyan propelled community they created during the live Gametap days where they created storylines for it. They really should have explored ways to keep that working, and made it work. I’m sure there’s a way.

Sadly, I do not know enough to even begin how. I just know what I want.

There are fan shards one can connect to, and those are cool. My opinion based on pictures. I’m married to IT who’s pretty strict about security, so have not attempted any of them. I will keep to the Ages Cyan gives us.

I may challenge hubby to help me get to the updated Riven, if that’s released outside of Cyan. That I love to see and explore!

Otherwise, for Myst/Riven/Uru playing it’s what’s available on Steam and iTunes for now for me. I still have discs but no computer to play older games on. For now.

As I write, my hubby is building us a super gaming computer. Well, super for us. Maybe not super for the ultra geeks. LOL This one will do VR and then some. May even do Obduction with Occulus Rift at some point.

My one sadness with replaying Myst…we get so little time with Zandi. Wish his part lasted longer through the game. Be neat if he’d stay through the whole Mystonline at his trailer for the player to go back to and get hints from, for whatever age they’re in. Would take a lot of recoding, even though the voice scripts shouldn’t be difficult.

Another sadness is how my gameplay time is dwindling fast.

Yes, I still have a presence in Second Life. I’ve been holding onto a small 1024 plot and doing some breedables with it. Not sure why, to be honest. The people I used to hang out with are now foreign to me, and I have no time or desire to “meet” them again.

Well, I do still care, as I keep tabs on them via the group notices and watching their chat conversations. It is reassuring to know they’re still there.

I thought the whole “Make Ozzie Bald” challenge for RFL would be the thing to get me back involved, but while I have fond memories, I just don’t have the drive to be involved anylonger. Not there anyway.

I built up a little funds and playing those lindens out, but think at the end, I’m canceling membership, ditching the land and giving up the breedables in SL. IF I decide to keep anything, it may be stashing some kittycats in the cattery. Something I can check on for a few moments a few times a month.

It is nice to be able to venture into the grid and check out the pedigrees for animals set for sale. Still see a lot of lines from Smmubert and I that go way back. Think I do this about once a month.

Inworldz is awesome, as always.

oYo has 2.5 horses coming out. Excited to be part of beta testing for that.

My market sim is nicely stocked now and very buyer friendly. Seller friendly for me too. Relaxed pricing, based on my own ideas, not what others pressure for “the good of the community.”

My good for the community is pricing for what makes me feel happy. I may even do a surprise deal every now and then for the shoppers who actually come out and see what’s there.

I also pay it forward a good portion when I do get sales and buy from others.

This year’s RFL sales area is nearly ready. Over 400 horse bundles, plus a good number of other critters.

The breeding is great still. Sometimes the rares seem to be set too rare. And there’s been issues that result in hairs not coming through. The Xmas hairs on horses did not work this year, and neither have the Valentines. That sucks, as I’m a hair breeder.

I’m not patient with the rares when they don’t work. And I refuse to buy or sell them for extreme amount of money. Plus other harmless issues I’ve had. So I’ve changed my tactics.

I’m breeding horses in what I call Specialized Breeding herds. I set them up for a combination of three specific traits: coat, eyes, and hair. This gives me a purpose for my breeding without having to deal with my personal disappointments.

The rumor is the hair problem is fixed…just not in time for me. Not changing tactics again. I’m very happy with my Specialized Breeding Herds.

Added note: Had to let this sit for a few days before posting.

Hubby got the computer done and wow. 100-200 fps. Never saw that before. In ten plus years of virtual world gaming, I’ve played with your average every day computers and not the really built up ones.

Gotta say, the trip into SL was amazing. Things actually WORKED at the RFL Fantasy Faire. I was able to zip around and buy some things for RFL.

First time I truly enjoyed being in SL in all those years.

And it was sad. I’m happy to get to play that way now, but so sad that the majority of people do not. Games are just too advanced anymore.

And this does not change how I feel about SL. I still prefer Inworldz.

Inworldz is pretty good now too. Just will have to get some techie help with viewer settings next week for it. Won’t be able to play on the weekend, due to family.  I am up to five sims now, as of today. 🙂

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