Edith Finch Second Life and Inworldz

My husband and I played The Remains of Edith Finch together this week on the new computer. This was different than most things we’ve played before. I liked it. The graphics are so awesome. At one point I zoomed in on a blade of grass and it was so realistic.

The game is not morbid or gruesome, which is a good thing. I don’t go for blood and guts. Sorry, if you rely on those to tell the story, then you’re not telling the story very well. To be realistic one does not need gruesome graphics.

Edith Finch’s story line did have a bit of creepiness to it. Not too much for me, but was a little bit for my husband. At one point he asked, “Just what kind of game did you get anyway?” LOL

You get to play not only Edith Finch’s character but also the characters of those whose stories she uncovers. That was so cool.

We don’t have a game controller and relied on directional keys plus the mouse. Sometimes this was awkward to get the hang of. But not so bad that we didn’t enjoy the game.

The storyline is good, yet it was one of those games that left me musing about it at the end. Did I really like it or not?


I do miss swimming with my Biobreeds.

For me, Second Life has died. It’s been time to say good-bye to it.

The experiment on whether or not Second Life could appeal to me and win my favor as a new avatar is over. SL failed. At first, it was a joy to be with the Biobreeds animals again, and they’re still awesome creations. And the Kitty Cats are still wonderful as always.

Just the wrong platform to enjoy them on now. It’s a shame that it does not seem in the plan for either of the companies to come over to Inworldz.

I sold my land cheap. I downgraded my account to free. I’ve got a small place to finish my animals out. The money left paid for 1 month’s rent.

After that month, one of two things will happen. Either I’ll keep it for kitties for a bit, or I’ll just let everything go. It’s possible I’ll keep it as my homebase and visit once every two weeks for kitties and just to look around.

At this point, I’m leaning towards letting SL go completely at the end of the rental period. After going to the Home and Garden fair and trying to get around, I just wasn’t too impressed. With the grid. Creators are spectacular, as always.

The whole thing about Ozimals being forced out of business is a lesson to us all. Nothing virtual is guaranteed. Especially since we, as users/breeders, are not privy to the actual business contracts of the creators, we cannot know when something like this can happen to our own lovelies.

Why I take lots of pictures.

Bailey and pup. Biobreeds

Inworldz is great as ever. Maybe even more so.

oYo beta testing started for the 2.5 version horses. I’m not sure if this means we’ll get three versions of horses or if a future update will combine the version 2s with the version 2.5s.

Even though it’s more management for a large breeder as myself, I’m okay with three versions. Just wonder if this is too much work to throw on top of everything else for management.

Supposedly, I’m being interviewed for new articles for the oYo website. I know why. I’m a major player who’s spent many hours providing feedback to management about the animals.

Poor Jenni will probably end up getting a book-sized notecard from me on the beta testing this time. What’s even worse, I think the testing everything and writing a book about it has caught on with other people. I won’t be the only one she’ll have to make time to read goodies from. LOL

Plus, I contribute a lot during RFL. Not only in raising money myself, but giving by bidding high on some items during the fundraising efforts, and giving up prime bundles for the auctions.

But, as with any successful business, more people start coming in and bringing in their own ideas. Some people may not be so happy with me now. I’ve been known to speak my mind here, along with other forums.

And, along with that, come those wanting to bring “what they know” or “what they’ve learned” from SL about how things should be. Let’s just say we don’t exactly think alike. We don’t exactly think like SL and do things differently here…we do them better.

Anyway, will everyone be happy about my interview article? We shall see. I have no clue of which direction the writer will go with the theme on it. I sent Luna a notecard about me, my history, and what I do now to start with. Maybe I should have written a story about me and Arion instead.

In horses, I’ve cut way back. I’ve taken most off of salt and just let about fifty have salt now for the next few weeks. We’re in a sales slow down period. (typical in breedables) Values all over are dropping. (Perhaps in anticipation for many thinking we’ll move to 2.5 versions…just exactly what’s going to happen with them is not clear yet.)

Good thing is that I’ve almost caught up in market and store set ups, ready to get back to building.

Further good thing is that I’m not sure how much building I really can get done. Real life work has been increasing and I have numerous travel trips coming up.

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