When Life and Virtual Worlds Do Not Quite Mesh

Lately, I’m finding it more and more difficult to justify taking on so much responsibility in the virtual world living. What’s sad is how I really don’t participate in events, I don’t run events, nor do I become overly involved in anything other than setting up and fundraising for RFL and T4T each year.

Yet, just the tasks involved of managing my home territories is taking way more time than I have to give most days. Nevermind that I have not been able to do any real building projects in many months.

For this reason, and many others I won’t get into, I’m pretty sure I’m looking at cutting back on my Inworldz responsibilities. I did have an idea of how to do this without giving up too much, and I did try to set that up, but it didn’t work out.

It was one of those things I thought would take ten minutes of my time and I could do on a work break. Tried it. An hour later I still hadn’t been able to accomplish what I wanted. The time included dealing with many failed TP’s and freezes.

I got the message that I need to just not do so much from whatever grid-Angel was looking out for my best intentions.  It’s highly likely that I’ll let my 2X2’s go at the middle of July.

I’ll still be around. I’ll still be breeding animals and building, I hope. Just at a much lower capacity. Maybe just with my rented sim and the market spots.

SL-tudes have been trying to weave their crap into one of the groups I’m with. Seem to try throwing some personal attacks in under the guise of being concerned. It was great to see the bulk of the IW group rallying together to show their support and shove the “attitude” away.

One of the drawbacks of SL’s decline causing people to give IW a try. You get the riff-raff and unsavories in along with the good guys.  I don’t think their SL-tude will stick here.

Nothing to report on SL, cause I just clean up as the spaces rent runs out now. A few more weeks I’m done, and any desire to go in for anything has been nil. I won’t cancel two of my accounts, just in case anything changes. But I really don’t see any indication that it will.

Sadly haven’t any time for Myst lately. I may go in later tonight.

My blog is becoming a waste of time for anyone to read anymore. Kind of sad. But in a way it’s happy too. Real life work is so busy and fulfilling it’s really not that bad of a thing.

Perhaps Digital Chaos needs an upgrade and a fresh, more focused theme to fit in with my busier life style and bring in something more interesting.

Shall think on that…


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