Elpis Starts A New Story and New Inworldz Life

Elpis found a long tunnel, like a man made corridor on the Tutr’ys Age. She’s explored the land above with Thorne and not sure the D’ni have actually visited this place yet. The landscape is rich with green and purple grass, which is full of lady bug like insects, and these purple birds that feed on them.

The corridor is built of a combination of rock and metal, but not D’ni like either. This could be an unrelated Age. Definitely worth exploring…


That’s the beginning of an upcoming story featuring Elpis, and perhaps something I’ll make the setting for within Inworldz. She is clearly not finished making stories with me, even though other characters don’t seem to have quite made up their minds yet.

In my publishing life we’re still feeling the loss of one valued member, and a few others are at risk. That tends to dampen the enthusiasm for the old adventures.

The good thing is that, as a writer, I have many different characters with many different adventures ready to come into play. Some have waited long enough to tell their stories. It is time.

My virtual world story with Second Life is over. The grid holds no attraction for me anymore, now that I know better. The people I miss. But one doesn’t stay in a house that’s falling down in real life, just to stay next door to the neighbors. Same with a virtual world that’s lost its magic.

I’ve went from the 2X2 section of four sims to just renting out two sims in Inworldz. Inworldz is still great, but I’m too work busy to run four sims anymore. The two sims are working out great and I feel a great relief.

Enjoy some pictures from life in Inworldz and of the oYo Breedables we play with…

My firstborn 2.5. She’s named after a 2.0 silver arab I had who was a great breeder.

A gift from oYo for helping with the beta testing period. They breed today to make their first baby.

Cremello Shetland with the brown eye. So very pretty.

Everyone got a pride shetland as a gift. She’s a spunky little gal.

Silver Shetland with Blue eye

Silver Shetland with Green Eye

Sorrel Shetland with green eye

White Shetland with blue eyes

Black Shetland with Hand Eyes

Black Shetlands and others with nice traits I offer for sale at M&K Stables

Sorrel Shetlands I offer for sale at M&K Stables

Okay, so I went a little overboard with the shetlands. I’ve purchased 37 packs so far. SO FAR. There will be more.

Sadly, the ONE coat I want to work with, Chocolate, didn’t show up in any of those packs. And a ton of cremellos did. I told Jenni about it, so I hope this means the next time I get packs, there will be a chocolate coat in there.

I’m being good though. Between selling and heavening, I have a system in place that makes it so I’m just buying food and salt in advance. Luckily, I have a huge sales selection at BlueStar that still allows me the luxury of playing extra.

Middle Garden

Middle Garden

Middle Garden

Middle Garden

Memorial Island

Platform above middle garden overlooking Retired Island

Platform above garden, facing towards the purple forest with my dawn dapples and specials

The pond of faces I really like above the middle garden.

Retired Island

Retired Island

Wildcats and Bears on Retired Island

Elephants on Retired Island

Dante’s Inferno rearing

Dante’s Inferno on the run

Dante’s Inferno’s proud walk. Odin is galloping in back.

The ground level of Blitzen is open to exploring. I have my breeding groups in skyboxes above. If I see anyone there, they will be asked to leave. Or sent away through my simly god powers.

This sim will be part of the Inworldz Home and Garden Tour.

Tigers on a second private sim.

Tigers for sale at M&K Stables

Tigers on another private sim.

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