Morals and Ethics Differences of Opinions

I have pretty cool neighbors. They’re basically honest folks who look out for one another. If a package is miss-delivered to their door, they do attempt to get it to the right house. It’s not a game of “finders keepers, losers weepers” for the most part.

There’s always a few bad sorts, who don’t see things the same way.

Maybe not in my real life neighborhood, but it seems a few in virtual neighborhood.

The oYo breedables in Inworldz had a major glitch show up in the system. A friend had paid $100 USD for a very special one of a kind horse at auction. This horse would be the only one giving a special coat. Said friend went on vacation, and the horse dropped yesterday.

Only, it seems to me, that instead of just dropping its bundle and keeping its business private, it decided to blab across the whole server.  Identical twins of said bundle were dropped all over the grid.

One breeder saw it early on. Got excited. Tried to sell it and then said “this can’t be right.” So she let Jenni know.

Then breeder said she pulled it, making herself sound so goody-two-shoes, but then said in the same breath she’s keeping it and she’d entertain offers for the glitched horse.

Another breeder who pops in and finds a few of said bundles, keeps one for herself and sets the other for sale. It sold. Hopefully to someone ethically trying to keep them off of the grid for the true owner instead of some poor unsuspecting noob. Or not to another unethical person.

What’s happening with these coats now? Probably be worthless. Totally worthless. If there’s a hundred males out on the grid being bred now, everyone will have the coat tomorrow.

My biggest issues is: this is just like getting a package delivered to your front door by accident and you keeping it instead of trying to get it to the real owner.

Both of the individuals in question are not stupid. They can put two and two together and one freely admits she knows what she’s doing.

The other is already upset about another matter and has not checked back in yet. She may or may not be a bit hostile. And she may play dumb. Which won’t wash with me.

Not that I’ll say anything. I don’t like getting too involved directly and plainly just don’t have time to deal with it. I’ve already decided how to speak with izzies.

In this case, it’s definitely wrong. The rights to this coat were sold at an auction that was made very public and very well known. Sold for a hefty sum FOR CHARITY. They’re not just stealing from a neighbor, they’re taking from charity.

I intended to fight to win the horse too. With the express purpose of donating back the offspring to charity throughout the RFL season. I’d be willing to bet that the one who did win had plans of donating at least one of them back in a future auction too.

What’s the use now? Why would someone give 25k izzies for something that’s all over the grid, kept by dishonest people who have decided it’s rightfully theirs under the “finders keepers, losers weepers” code?

I know if I had won the horse I’d be absolutely pissed! He may be when he gets back too.

By rights, because of the glitch, oYo should make another unique horse that gives a unique coat and give it to him as a replacement.

By rights, all copies of that glitched horse should go poof.

Doubt either will happen.

I got four of the bundles. Jenni had sent out a notice asking people to delete them, or return them to her, as the horses should not be dropping those coats. Mine are still in the barn, as I’m going to give them to the real owner when he returns and let him decide what happens with the bundles.

I know I’ll be checking parentage before I buy anything anymore. Make sure the coat is not in the background at all. And I’ve knocked two places to shop at from my list so far. Which sucks. There’s not that many great breeders out there for me to buy from.

A few don’t see anything wrong with this. According to chat, many feel same way as I do. That’s comforting to know.

Mocha Frappe and Divinity behind him. Two Chocolate Shetlands I finally made myself! FINALLY.

Addition after some hours:

After being lightly challenged and warned of people pushing for the glitch horses to go poof, the one who sold a horse did not give a happy response. Said breeder then set out another glitch horse for sale. And has six more birthed at home…guessing to keep the sales spot stocked as said glitched horses sell. Yep, this person is definitely helping to make damage worse, on purpose, and seemingly out of spite.

And not someone I wish to continue fostering a friendship with.

Yes, oYo needs to take responsibility for a mistake that happened. That is just part of doing a business, any business.

No, this does not give ANY of us the right to act irresponsibly in response to the situation.

The creators are human. The system is a computer situation. Errors happen. Mistakes happen. Thankfully, the majority of oYo family realizes this and is understanding. This is comforting.


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