About SL Market Nazis

Market Nazis are defined by me as those Second Life individuals who speak out to bitch about and personally bash anyone who dares to sell a breedable for any price lower than what they want to get for it themselves.

Market Nazis are sad, misguided individuals.

They miss the whole point of having breedables. Breedables were not originally created so that a secondary market that allows people to make money could be created. It was to create a gameplay where people create different trait combinations and could exchange them with one another, sometimes for FREE.

The secondary market just happened. Some of the later breedables creators did create their critters with the secondary market in mind to enhance it. Sadly, some have allowed group management that tries to control prices to gain power.

This is a tricky situation for some breedables creators who just want to create for fun. The zest with which some individuals try to control pricing take the fun out of breeding for so many, including the creators. But some creators are in a position that they have to put up with it because of financial concerns for their own business.

There’s a lot more overhead in running a breedables creation business than you’d think.

A few breedables creators who have ran through all the gammuts with different personalities over the years now enjoy the freedom from worrying about the secondary market.

Because, in spite of how vehemently the market nazis cry and try to make others feel ashamed for pricing critters lower than they wish, the result is the same. The market will level out to have critters offered at the prices people want to pay, versus what they want to make.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the prices they wanted weren’t so darn high for fricken pixels. During my paycheck making Amaretto days it wasn’t unheard of for new traits to sell for 200K lindens plus. And people paid. You know how many hundreds of US dollars that equals???

I couldn’t sell for that…I had two secret buyers. A trader, who would buy low from me and resell at his place for a higher amount, and a top breeder who played the secondary market game. We got a few of the 400k linden coats…sold them to our secret buyers for 40K. The top breeder was also my mentor who taught me the business so she always made her money back within two weeks of the purchase. I didn’t feel so bad.

At market, I would get some I’d be able to sell for 20-25K lindens. Yes, it was nice to have a little paycheck after paying my sim tiers and animal costs, but I still felt bad about it. After I completed my specialized training, I got my own RL paycheck and just played within my gaming allowance.

Didn’t exactly keep me out of sight of the market nazis. By then, I was well known, and thus got a few bashing messages about my sales at home. My friend and I kept a small plot of our own together selling horses for 100 and 200 lindens. Paid most of our food costs and gave us a little spending money.

Ironically, it’s commonplace to see those prices now. Even on new-ish traits.

Well, those wanting to push others to sell higher have moved on to new territories in some ways. Like oYo Breedables Horses. Don’t you dare sell for less than 500L and don’t you dare sell something for 500L I want to sell for 20K or more!!!

I want someone else to pay for my tiers!

Okay…what they actually say when bashing someone in chat…

“People who sell low ruin it for the rest of us.” This is sad. Why? Because they don’t get it. The group they term as “people who sell low” is in reality a much larger group than “the rest of us.”

And they won’t acknowledge this as fact. Actually, if I was to challenge them, they’d argue the point with me in a very extreme and very rude manner. They don’t want to know that this is the truth because then everything they believe is wrong. And they have to pay their own bills.

The rare traits were not created to make them money. But they believe it is so. (For some creators, I have first hand knowledge that this is not the goal they want for their creations, and they’re sad that the outspoken few try to make it so. They feel for the ones that truly get it and have to deal with this BS. But the creators have to stay separate from the situation and let it sort itself out, lest they get themselves accused of price fixing, which is illegal, and other things.)

Now, I point to oYo Breedables because the market nazis were crying in the oYo chat this week while I was online. Someone advertised their horses for 500L, listing the ad as if it included everything. It didn’t. The prices started at 500 and went up. I went to the stands and checked. Mainly because I was like “Good job! for selling at a reasonable amount!” I intended to buy one or two good ones at 500 as a reward to them. Didn’t happen.

Guess what did happen. I found 500 specials elsewhere because they were ALL OVER. People do not want to exchange for high prices in SL anymore. There’s a small window of time when people do get enthusiastic about something and pay more…more because it provides them with some excitement and makes them feel special in an over-stressed, boring world.

If you want to see this in action, just watch the fawns. I expect their high selling period to last a little longer as they’re so darn cute and unique. But those periods don’t last as long as they did years ago.

Yes, it’s partly due to how saturated the grid is with breedables, and with how expensive land is. But it’s more than that. I witnessed the change in people from being willing to pay high for pixels to realizing how stupid they’ve been to pay so much for something temporary. People want to play, not pay.

I’ve also seen market nazis try to make creators feel responsible for keeping the secondary market up. Which is BS.

The creator makes a product for us to buy. We buy the product. The product works. Creator helps us fix issues that crop up and makes updates available to us. That’s it. The creator has done his or her job, and met all obligations. We’re not entitled to make our money back that we spent on buying the product, or more. The creator doesn’t have any responsibility for the secondary market and the creator should not even try. That would be utterly wrong.

They can keep providing more services and events to go with the product and for the product to keep their customers’ interest up and encourage their customers to buy more product from them, but that’s not for the health of the secondary market.

The secondary market is completely up to the customers as a whole. AS A WHOLE. Not just the small loud mouthed group.

Again…the sad market nazis do not get this.

I think the problem with the secondary market came about because of how the Linden exchange is. Linden Labs worked early on to make everyone so concerned of how the world economy is doing. When there’s less large linden buying, it falls. This scares people.

Why? It’s a game. If Linden Labs can’t run their business well enough to make a profit on tiers and memberships just from people playing the game, then get rid of it. Life is so much more than a game that demands people spend hundreds of real life dollars playing.

If you’re spending more than $50USD a month playing Second Life, and you’re not making enough real life money to justify that gaming allowance, shame on you. Quit expecting others to spend $50USD upwards for a pixel critter just so you can pay for your gaming addiction.

That leads me to another ironic thing I saw the recent market nazi say, “If they can’t afford to breed, they shouldn’t be breeding.” In reference to the 500L ad for horses.

That’s so rich!!! LOL OMG!!!

No! If YOU need someone to pay you 10K for a horse so you can afford to play, you’re the one who cannot afford to play and should stop breeding.

(Using 10k here as it’s a round number and a few horses listed in the ad were ones I’ve seen so many place 10K price tags on.)

Things have improved over the years. Rare breeds aren’t 500K lindens, but more like 20-50K lindens. Not exactly reasonable in my eyes to pay $80-250USD for a pixel horse, but an improvement.

The actions of market nazis have not changed.

What I found sad about the oyo group management was that they did not challenge the individuals bashing the ad maker. They should have. Bashing of any sort for any reason should not be allowed. Instead they sent a non-challenging notice asking people to not include a price in their ad.

Of course none of “US” challenged them either. We don’t want to get banned. See, I have a friend who got tossed out the group on her rear for standing up for her right to price how she wanted. We’ve all witnessed too many times to risk it. Better to just close chat and pretend not to see.

No one realized that she was friends with Alfredo and Jenni in another avatar, and boy did she give Alfredo an earfull…and got back into the group.

Monitors should consider this and be more cautious when dealing with these situations.

I will point out that awhile back the management did send a notice out that they only wanted a minimum price of 500L at their main market and pointedly said what we price above that is solely our decision. See, they support us. The ones who demand the right to do with our own property what we dang well please.

(I don’t agree with minimum requirement for markets either, but we won’t go there. I’ll take what I can get, and I noticed a lot moving their stock to other markets so they can decide for themselves what to price for. LOL Then I did notice a few pricing there for 500 each no matter the traits…hehe…yep, what I’d do if I was a full breeder just to be onery.)

I’m so glad we don’t have these issues in Inworldz. There are other issues, as always is when you deal with a group of individuals, but not this. And when someone tries to cause trouble, they don’t get far because of how great our group is.


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