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Elpis Starts A New Story and New Inworldz Life

Elpis found a long tunnel, like a man made corridor on the Tutr’ys Age. She’s explored the land above with Thorne and not sure the D’ni have actually visited this place yet. The landscape is rich with green and purple grass, which is full of lady bug like insects, and these purple birds that feed on them.

The corridor is built of a combination of rock and metal, but not D’ni like either. This could be an unrelated Age. Definitely worth exploring…


That’s the beginning of an upcoming story featuring Elpis, and perhaps something I’ll make the setting for within Inworldz. She is clearly not finished making stories with me, even though other characters don’t seem to have quite made up their minds yet.

In my publishing life we’re still feeling the loss of one valued member, and a few others are at risk. That tends to dampen the enthusiasm for the old adventures.

The good thing is that, as a writer, I have many different characters with many different adventures ready to come into play. Some have waited long enough to tell their stories. It is time.

My virtual world story with Second Life is over. The grid holds no attraction for me anymore, now that I know better. The people I miss. But one doesn’t stay in a house that’s falling down in real life, just to stay next door to the neighbors. Same with a virtual world that’s lost its magic.

I’ve went from the 2X2 section of four sims to just renting out two sims in Inworldz. Inworldz is still great, but I’m too work busy to run four sims anymore. The two sims are working out great and I feel a great relief.

Enjoy some pictures from life in Inworldz and of the oYo Breedables we play with…

My firstborn 2.5. She’s named after a 2.0 silver arab I had who was a great breeder.

A gift from oYo for helping with the beta testing period. They breed today to make their first baby.

Cremello Shetland with the brown eye. So very pretty.

Everyone got a pride shetland as a gift. She’s a spunky little gal.

Silver Shetland with Blue eye

Silver Shetland with Green Eye

Sorrel Shetland with green eye

White Shetland with blue eyes

Black Shetland with Hand Eyes

Black Shetlands and others with nice traits I offer for sale at M&K Stables

Sorrel Shetlands I offer for sale at M&K Stables

Okay, so I went a little overboard with the shetlands. I’ve purchased 37 packs so far. SO FAR. There will be more.

Sadly, the ONE coat I want to work with, Chocolate, didn’t show up in any of those packs. And a ton of cremellos did. I told Jenni about it, so I hope this means the next time I get packs, there will be a chocolate coat in there.

I’m being good though. Between selling and heavening, I have a system in place that makes it so I’m just buying food and salt in advance. Luckily, I have a huge sales selection at BlueStar that still allows me the luxury of playing extra.

Middle Garden

Middle Garden

Middle Garden

Middle Garden

Memorial Island

Platform above middle garden overlooking Retired Island

Platform above garden, facing towards the purple forest with my dawn dapples and specials

The pond of faces I really like above the middle garden.

Retired Island

Retired Island

Wildcats and Bears on Retired Island

Elephants on Retired Island

Dante’s Inferno rearing

Dante’s Inferno on the run

Dante’s Inferno’s proud walk. Odin is galloping in back.

The ground level of Blitzen is open to exploring. I have my breeding groups in skyboxes above. If I see anyone there, they will be asked to leave. Or sent away through my simly god powers.

This sim will be part of the Inworldz Home and Garden Tour.

Tigers on a second private sim.

Tigers for sale at M&K Stables

Tigers on another private sim.

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My Limited VW Last Three Months

Look at me! I’ve been in Mystonline again. Took forever to figure out how to make it work right after everything went to Windows 10. Why no one thinks to sticky something up top in the forums and social sites to help newer players, I don’t know. I found it because I’m an old player and knew where to dig to find the goodies.

Or maybe that’s the plan. Maybe they secretly want people to get discouraged and move along so they can drop it. I don’t think so, but the lack of certain things does make one wonder. Probably it’s just not a priority until they get the new sign up issue worked out.

I’m glad to be in the Ages again and loving it. But do miss the Cyan propelled community they created during the live Gametap days where they created storylines for it. They really should have explored ways to keep that working, and made it work. I’m sure there’s a way.

Sadly, I do not know enough to even begin how. I just know what I want.

There are fan shards one can connect to, and those are cool. My opinion based on pictures. I’m married to IT who’s pretty strict about security, so have not attempted any of them. I will keep to the Ages Cyan gives us.

I may challenge hubby to help me get to the updated Riven, if that’s released outside of Cyan. That I love to see and explore!

Otherwise, for Myst/Riven/Uru playing it’s what’s available on Steam and iTunes for now for me. I still have discs but no computer to play older games on. For now.

As I write, my hubby is building us a super gaming computer. Well, super for us. Maybe not super for the ultra geeks. LOL This one will do VR and then some. May even do Obduction with Occulus Rift at some point.

My one sadness with replaying Myst…we get so little time with Zandi. Wish his part lasted longer through the game. Be neat if he’d stay through the whole Mystonline at his trailer for the player to go back to and get hints from, for whatever age they’re in. Would take a lot of recoding, even though the voice scripts shouldn’t be difficult.

Another sadness is how my gameplay time is dwindling fast.

Yes, I still have a presence in Second Life. I’ve been holding onto a small 1024 plot and doing some breedables with it. Not sure why, to be honest. The people I used to hang out with are now foreign to me, and I have no time or desire to “meet” them again.

Well, I do still care, as I keep tabs on them via the group notices and watching their chat conversations. It is reassuring to know they’re still there.

I thought the whole “Make Ozzie Bald” challenge for RFL would be the thing to get me back involved, but while I have fond memories, I just don’t have the drive to be involved anylonger. Not there anyway.

I built up a little funds and playing those lindens out, but think at the end, I’m canceling membership, ditching the land and giving up the breedables in SL. IF I decide to keep anything, it may be stashing some kittycats in the cattery. Something I can check on for a few moments a few times a month.

It is nice to be able to venture into the grid and check out the pedigrees for animals set for sale. Still see a lot of lines from Smmubert and I that go way back. Think I do this about once a month.

Inworldz is awesome, as always.

oYo has 2.5 horses coming out. Excited to be part of beta testing for that.

My market sim is nicely stocked now and very buyer friendly. Seller friendly for me too. Relaxed pricing, based on my own ideas, not what others pressure for “the good of the community.”

My good for the community is pricing for what makes me feel happy. I may even do a surprise deal every now and then for the shoppers who actually come out and see what’s there.

I also pay it forward a good portion when I do get sales and buy from others.

This year’s RFL sales area is nearly ready. Over 400 horse bundles, plus a good number of other critters.

The breeding is great still. Sometimes the rares seem to be set too rare. And there’s been issues that result in hairs not coming through. The Xmas hairs on horses did not work this year, and neither have the Valentines. That sucks, as I’m a hair breeder.

I’m not patient with the rares when they don’t work. And I refuse to buy or sell them for extreme amount of money. Plus other harmless issues I’ve had. So I’ve changed my tactics.

I’m breeding horses in what I call Specialized Breeding herds. I set them up for a combination of three specific traits: coat, eyes, and hair. This gives me a purpose for my breeding without having to deal with my personal disappointments.

The rumor is the hair problem is fixed…just not in time for me. Not changing tactics again. I’m very happy with my Specialized Breeding Herds.

Added note: Had to let this sit for a few days before posting.

Hubby got the computer done and wow. 100-200 fps. Never saw that before. In ten plus years of virtual world gaming, I’ve played with your average every day computers and not the really built up ones.

Gotta say, the trip into SL was amazing. Things actually WORKED at the RFL Fantasy Faire. I was able to zip around and buy some things for RFL.

First time I truly enjoyed being in SL in all those years.

And it was sad. I’m happy to get to play that way now, but so sad that the majority of people do not. Games are just too advanced anymore.

And this does not change how I feel about SL. I still prefer Inworldz.

Inworldz is pretty good now too. Just will have to get some techie help with viewer settings next week for it. Won’t be able to play on the weekend, due to family.  I am up to five sims now, as of today. 🙂

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Iceapocalypse Update

Thought I’d do a quick comment update while we’re stuck inside, thanks to nearly an inch of ice from our ice storm outside so far. And while we wait for the forthcoming wind gusts that threaten to fall limbs onto the stressed power lines tonight.

My character, Elpis, has been saying to me that she’s not finished. She wants a series later in the year. She wants to name it something to show her break away from Myst Ages to her own worlds.

The linking books are not the only means to travel. Some natives have their own means of traveling, and the D’ni have linked to their worlds here and there.

It doesn’t seem likely that forthcoming stories will cross over into Myst Ages or be places the D’ni linked to. Not sure what a good name will be yet. The phrase “beyond Myst” has been used too many times. Maybe something about leaving Myst behind.

That bugs me too. Elpis is a lover and follower of Yeesha. While she may be exploring regions that do not involve the D’ni, she will always be looking for clues to finding the lost D’ni.

I shall keep brainstorming on this.

In Second Life, I’m delighted to see that they cancelled the 500 Linden minimum sales price for the oyo market. Forget that it’s just plain wrong, there’s really no use to enforced minimum pricing. People will pay and sell for what they want. They’ll find a way to work around it.

And people like me will find ways to defy anyone telling them what they can and cannot do with their own property.

There was a brief comment from Ozzie that he was taking opinions from others on whether or not he should start a minimum price requirement. If I wasn’t incognito I’d have given him a bit more than he was asking for. LOL

That was awhile ago, but didn’t see any more from him. Hopefully others gave him a resounding NO.

Let’s face it. There’s not enough going on in SL anymore to overthink the secondary market. People who don’t buy cheap aren’t as many as they were. And the ones who do, tend to stick with breeders they’re familiar with, whether it’s in person or from quietly stalking them over time.

I can say that as a breeder who no one knows, I get very few sales at all in SL now. In comparison to if I was my Elpis avatar, I’d probably get at least one or two sales per week. Just because Elpis is known and trusted as a breeder.

Read an update on the upcoming Sansar. Nah. Still not interested.

In Inworldz, oyo brought out a lot over the winter season for us to play with. In some ways, this is great. It makes for fun in breeding. In sales, it’s mixed. Sometimes it means more sales, sometimes less.

Overall it’s more good than bad that they released so much.

They’ve seem to fallen back on the old feeling that rare sometimes means impossibly rare. I had Jenni check on the xmas hairs not passing and she told me she checked but that they are rare. Website does not indicate this, so I figured something was wrong.

In my eye, it’s still wrong. Rare seems to mean never showing up in this case. And that’s just not fun.

I’m sure they were made rare in response to people requesting rare stuff so they could sell higher. It happens. Everyone wants to sell for more.

Well, not me. I’d rather sell more for less. I get joy from seeing more people being able to enjoy my offspring. And, let’s be honest. This group is way too small to worry about it anyway…we should just breed for fun, in my opinion.

Still, I try to be somewhat respectful in horses‌. My minimum market price is 500 I’z. Most rares are 1-2k, depending on traits. I do keep a supply of discounted bundles at home at Elvenglades for 200-250 I’z. These are common coats with nice traits. Oh, at market, I’ll sometimes have SS rares for 500. People don’t seem to want to buy those as much.

New traits or very hard to get traits add to the pricing. As does specialty breeding.

I’ve noticed one or two breeders offering bundles for 50 Izzies. Wonder if anyone will try to raise a fuss? Someone already did for someone else selling cheaper, though not that cheap. Felt good to see others standing up for this person in question.

What I did not like was my name mentioned as someone who sells for the right prices. Said breeder being griped about is an actual friend of mine. I sent her a message right away when I found out making sure she understood that I was not involved and was very happy with her prices. I buy a lot from her.

Inworldz is not perfect. The avatars have fallable human beings behind them. You’ll still get all the personality quirks you do. How you deal with them is all that matters. Won’t go into that.

Will share that I have a very pushy breeder intent on friending Tempest. Said person does not read profile to see that Tempest does not friend people and giving instructions on how to find my public avatar. Never talks to me first to ask permission…has never said boo to me at all. Just keeps requesting. I keep declining. Now I’m not sure I’d want to friend rude, pushy person on my public avatar even.


Since I sugar Arion, I have a huge load of dawn dapples and purple heart eyes. But I only sell a few to give other breeders a chance to play. Now I’m getting the RFL purple hair. This one was not out there because it got missed being added to the gene pool. I can’t say how others are doing with it…more specifically the buyer to the other two special edition horses. I’m doing well and will have a line of those built up. The trait will not go extinct on my watch.

I do worry about Nymph coat. Nymph hair is doing well. Nymph coat does not seem to be doing so well, for me or the other Nymph owners. Almost seems like only horse passing Nymph coat is the special horse that Chloe has. It’s possible that coat may go extinct.

I have an 85 day old noon dapple. Not one noon dapple from her yet. Another one set too rare and I suspect will go extinct soon. Unless more randoms keep getting released through the system.

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Digital Chaos End of 2016

At the end of the year, I’m finally figuring out just how much playtime I can have in the virtual world. It’s not much compared to what it was years ago. Work keeps me too busy to even keep up on the gaming blogs, and I’m delighted. I love my work, so this is a very good thing.

To be honest, I was going to shut down. Think I’ve even mentioned it here. But I’m working on my editorial calendars and feel I’ll keep this blog going. Elpis may not be done putting her Myst inspired exploration stories out there. I would like to keep a place to gripe or just plainly report on the virtual world thoughts I have.

Not sure if I’ll try for a once a month post or a quarterly post here.

Elpis hasn’t done much this year. She may or may not do something to show before summer. I’ve got a fantasy series to publish this spring, plus promotions for another author, a special book release for Sandie, and we are reworking Sandie’s two series to bring them up today and prepare them for fundraising efforts.

All this while making my debut as THE Coffee Copywriter. My new business venture. Breaking out from current client sector into a new one designed to work with my future shop plans.

I am a loner in Second Life still, breeding oyos and biobreeds. I visit the grid a few times a week to get babies and feed them. I do still observe what’s going on in the breedables world and with other people on the grid.

All grids have went through a residential slowdown this year, and Second Life is no exception. I expect a bit more slowdown in Second Life as Sansar opens in 2017 and many move there. I also expect a bit of a pick up for other grids as those who do not want to go to Sansar take a closer look at those.

Oyos disappointed me in Second Life this season. They ruined the horses there for me. Made them into some sort of Barbie wanna be joke with the new hairs. I really did heaven all I had after the update. I explored a little this morning and see some changes at markets. Less lives are out for sale and many of what are for sale are older ones that were not updated. And some serious price drops. This implies I’m not the only one unhappy with the change.

I pointedly gave my opinion to Jenni in Inworldz. I’m one of their biggest breeder on that grid and wanted to make myself clear. I tried, I really did. I tried to get used to the hairs and warm up to them in Second Life, but just could not. I suspect my days as being a large horse breeder in Inworldz will come to an end if those hairs move there. As will a few others who breed like I do.

No loss for me. I’ll adjust, if needed. More elephant breeding. And I have a ton of retired horses saved up to keep on my sims. No need to update them. I’d just have to build more for the charity efforts.

Charity efforts for 2016 went well. We took in 12k for Toys 4 Tots through Kaedara breedables. I’m about ready to close out the current kiosk and put out a new one for 2017 for our Relay For Life efforts. It’s possible our 2016 yearly total will be around 120K when I do that. Not too shabby for a two person effort and less than six months’ work.

I stay in Second Life for the beauty of the Biobreeds animals. When it comes time, I’ll be sad to say good bye to my digital friends. It looks like that will be the end of it, for Biobreeds will be in Sansar. I get the feeling they don’t feel capable of handling staff for two grids and so won’t be coming to Inworldz.

I can understand that. A lot of oyo work is up to Jenni. She has to manage both Second Life and Inworldz. One has to stay on top of things with SL folk and the grid isn’t as nice on breedables as Inworldz is. Plus she holds down a RL job. As a result, her IW to-do list seems to move at a much slower pace.

I try to be understanding and not get bitter. But am disappointed about the blackrose horn script. I’ve had a few born that are a bit useless to me now. I really wanted the new texture on it. So sad. That was the main new horn I looked forward to enjoying so much. Maybe she’ll get around to it in 2017 sometime.

Still, she does an awesome job getting done what she does get done for us. And we never have to wait to get help from her. Just hope they get more staffing help or something before the grid grows. Too much for just one person.

The horse and elephant vendors are great. Sadly, not many are taking advantage of them, so buyers still have to be careful. And they’re not watching them closely to catch any broken before they sell. Can’t understand that myself. Only issues I’ve had is that the horse vendors don’t show horns for unicorns, and the elephant vendors don’t show wild or tamed traits. Should tell Jenni I guess. Hoping she makes them for all the breedables.

If you’re a new visitor here and you need something other than watching television to do with your time, give virtual world gaming a try. There’s plenty of online games out there. I love – and it’s free to play. The game is ran with funds from player donations. It’s expanse though, so may be a good idea to find an older player to help guide you. One or two areas are better played with a buddy. Join the forums and ask for help…ask where to start if you do download it.

My old persona there during the live gameplay days was ms. isis of Myss Terrie’s Bevin. (Bevins are now known as neighborhoods. Didn’t like the change myself. I prefer bevin and will continue to use that term if I write more fan fiction.) I worked as a guide within our bevin, and I’ve been known to enlist new players in Second Life and help them get started.

To give you an idea of how much there is to do there, I created my own flipbook (handbook) to keep at my desk when I had to guide someone. That thing is 3 inches thick, at least. There’s nice online guides out there to use now. People can direct you to them via the forum.

We created Friends of the Fissure before the live version of the gameplay ended. And continued it after. Myss Terrie created a point and click adventure webpage to show our creations off. Sadly, after we lost our dear friend Gandhar to heart attack, the interest died down for it. Although I did continue to write Elpis’s journeys. I just had her break off from FoF and set up her own base.  You can still see the point and click adventure here. Just click in the sky – upper left side.

My characters are Elpis and Sophrosyne in that journey.  I still have them in

There are independent gameplay creators in Second Life too. To join is free. To have a home takes either joining the membership, with which you get free rent for a 512 section of ground or a house on their prebuilt communities. You may also not join the membership and just rent from someone whatever house, skybox, or parcel of ground you wish. I suggest signing up and just playing free and homeless for awhile. It takes time to get to see the grid, meet people, find what’s available, and get your viewer to work right. There’s so many settings to get just right for your computer and connection.

There’s less gameplay in Inworldz versus Second Life, but it’s a super grid for building, sailing, flying, riding, and hanging out with people. As with all grids there can be some quirks to performance at times, but overall, it runs much better than Second Life. Of course, as with all things, there are exceptions. Particularily if you live in an area where your connection does not travel well to the servers. This is true for all grids.

Less people on Inwordz also means more privacy without having to get “rude”. For creators and builders, this is a huge plus.

If you’re looking to get into virtual worlds to make a paycheck, I can’t help you. I used to. But what worked back then when I did make a profit for me, doesn’t really seem to work so well now.

I guess I profit in Inworldz with my breedables. But since 90% of what I do make goes to charity, I really cannot say I do. Even so, I bet if I add it up, profit would only be 50% of my cost, without including tiers. It’s just very inexpensive in Inworldz, no need to count prims for the most part, and I’ve found some of the most wonderful people there.

Til next time!

Happy New Year!

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Some Virtual World Rambling Both #secondlife and #inworldz

Rambling thoughts on Virual World life and the future

It seems that the days of my former virtual world living are over. Perhaps even getting closer to a time where I won’t be inworld that much. I don’t think I’d leave outright…I’d be in during Relay for Life season, and at least a few times a week to check on my breedables. Let’s face it. Unless I get to a point where I have a farm load of critters, I won’t leave the breedables scene.

But Life is full, and I’m in process of taking on a HUGE undertaking with my business that will take my time up for the next three years. It’s one of those really scary things that involve a huge investment in one’s time, ambitions, and resources. A good thing with a very good end projected.

I’m still on both grids. Here are my thoughts on recent experiences to add to what I’ve said before.


Still the awesome amazing place as always. I’ve noticed some have given management a hard time because something hasn’t been fixed like yesterday. The joys of IT. End users can’t comprehend the thousands of lines of code, the multiple testing that has to go on, and how much time this takes. And in Inworldz, you get ones believing Inworldz should be just like Second Life and should run on same schedule.

Fact: a few programmers working together just will not be able to work as fast as a fleet of programmers.
Fact: programmers who take the time to go over everything and test it properly first will take longer than those who just “fling stuff at the wall and see what sticks”
Fact: This is not Second Life…if you want that, stay there. I’m only on two full grids, but imagine each grid has it’s own unique characteristics. Expecting each of them to be just like SL is insulting and it doesn’t make you look well.

I don’t envy grid developers. People pay and people have certain expectations. Myself included. I’ve given them my own form of grief a few times. Luckily, there are many people who understand the challenges as I do, but the bottom line is if we can’t get what we want, then we’ll take our money and time elsewhere. Keeping up with all the personalities and the expectations to keep a business viable is a huge challenge.

Hopefully we’ll find out with the next update that all issues with sailing, crossing, and sitting have been resolved, and they can move onward to the next improvement.

Hopefully, we’ll see that the v2 horse bundle issue has really been resolved. Mandy and I have unboxed our sales ones now, plus I have two test groups out, on the ground and in a skybox. This next update will be the real test. If it busts the bundles again, I may just go to selling lives, like a few others have.

Finally, after Mystic and I have tried to wake people up to the issue for months, they’re checking their bundles and now complaining. I fear what will go on if we find out it’s not fixed. People will not be patient for more broken bundles for long.

Inworldz is my home. I do not plan on having to cut back on space. It’s clearly evident that we’re able to really do so much more with our space than in Second Life. I mean..if one wants to enjoy their breedables on roam or movement on to a reasonable degree…if one wishes to cross a sim line without crashing or zipping through the grid…if one wants to rez something and not have to panic about primspace…if one wants to build something cool out of all prim types without things exploding…and more.

Time will be my biggest issue…Elvenglades is almost finished. I just have to finish filling the castle in Moor-Knight, and the forest in Hudan. With my next business step I’ll be working 60-80 hours for a time, then hopefully I can be down to 40 hours come January. Some duties I can perform while enjoying the game atmosphere, even if I don’t get building time in. Inworldz is where this will happen.

One thing I wonder about Inworldz, is player retention. How good is it? On examing my personal group, it looks as if many come in and then just fall off. Only a few appear to be regularly using the game. Will this improve once the current crossing and sitting issues are resolved? Or has this started before then? Perhaps, the world players as a whole have been looking for something that makes the gaming decisions for them. Inworldz gives us freedom and the ability to exercise freedom to be in our own world and develop it out as much as we like.  For the more independent player.

Second Life is more directive naturally because of its size. The one element that gives it an edge and keeps it on top of the other grids. There are more reasons, but they can all go back to size. With more people come more options. With more builders come more variety. With more people come more community personalities that one may fit into.

Inworldz is less challenging in the way that it really doesn’t break down as often, the updates are set at more convenient times and more well thought out versus hurried through, and you get so much more for the price also meaning you don’t have the challenge of having to count each and every prim, making a sacrifice each time you want something new.

Perhaps people prefer a more challenging existance and find easy living boring. Maybe it just goes back to size…people are lonely and are dependent to the point that having that many players in the same game at the same time is a necessity for enjoyment. I don’t know. With all the increased benefits with Inworldz, there must be a more deeper reason people stick with Second Life.

Second Life

Yes I’m there still. I can safely say it is ONLY for the breedables though.

KittyCats and Biobreeds. Two breedables people often express a wish for in Inworldz. And if they were to come to Inworldz? Oh my, the resident population would explode. I guarantee it.

I am doing some oyo elephants&sabres and a pair of amaretto horses there too, but getting close to letting those go.  I have a good stock of store offerings now. Sales are still just as tough there as they are with a small group that is in Inworldz. Actually, tougher.

Forget selling oyo for the minimum 500L they imposed at their main. I’ve done various tests. People want to pay 100L and will only pay more past a certain point, and definitely not to the point the “experts” say they should. The buyers control the prices, not you control the buyers. Force them, and they’ll just go to where they can have fun instead of worry about meeting your expectations. I’ve witnessed the move to or back to Biobreeds because of this controlling, damaging attitude.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a small group who do pay more, and there are those who have learned to market within that area. All breedables do have this element.

Rest of SL just doesn’t interest me anylonger. I’ve been able to experience having the ability to go to a full sim and still function well in Inworldz. Without someone screaming at us to take this and that off, to sit still, to do whatever. Now, subjecting myself to that in SL is just a disruption to my day.  I’ve grown used to things actually rezing in without crashing me or making me wait forever. Sure, there are those certain areas in Inworldz that seem to have a little issue with this, but not like SL.

And the breedables…have a few oyos and they got stuck, froze for days before I realized it. Never happened in IW. Just the typical sometimes you have to convince them that they do like one another and breed. All grids will have breedables issues…it’s just the nature of scripts. But maintaining takes more work and time in SL than in IW. And in SL, one has to keep movement off, sound off, etc at the marketplaces, whereas IW seems more capable of handling such things. And at home? Varies with the breedable, so maybe I won’t specify on that. But will say that I am more impressed with sim ownership and breedables in Inworldz than with SL.

Of course, I work hard to keep conflicts down, unlike some.

My SL life will suffer in a couple of weeks…downsizing some more. Will be on my owned parcel and one or two market spots then. My plan is to make it where I just check in once a week to take care of my animals. Why stay then? I don’t know. Maybe I won’t. It’s possible. I’m just waiting before making a final decision, to see what my time and desire is at once I really get into my new business venture.

I can say it’s the cute kittycats and the cattery that helps keep me there. They give a lot of prim adjusting benefits. And the Biobreeds, so well done, and one of the few breedables one can actually turn on without dragging sim performance in Second Life. I love my wolves and have been healing a pack of them to breed again. Those will make sure I don’t leave right away.

Plus, I am in my family groups and care to stay in touch, to know how they’re doing in life.

Myst and Elpis

I’m adding this on the end. Elpis and her journeys are on hold now with this new business undertaking. I’m sure she’ll come back in the future, at least to the Myst Age journeys. Just not until Spring.

The fiction time will be reserved for the upcoming fantasy series and the other novels coming out next year.


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Sort of back to #secondlife

My friend got tired of the secondlife BS, so I have taken her avatar. And contrary to what I said before, I let her oYo horses live.

Not sure what I’ll do with them or for how long yet. She got the fantasy horses and they’ve passed the hair. I got a small stand on a mixed breedable, no-market-drama area with familiar names. Will see how a BB, KC, and oYo mix store does and go from there.

So far I’m not too enthused about being social there again. But I will play around with the breedable and the character story for awhile and see where that goes.

Elpis is hiding from me. I can’t get her story out. I think she has settled on an Age that is very Myst like with Thorne for more extensive study. I suspect they may be starting a family.

I’ll be sure to post here when I get it figured out.


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Figuring myself out in Virtual Worlds

I’ve done a ton of whining but in the process of whining I’ve also listened to myself and tried to find out why these things bother me so much. I think I am closer to understanding a part of me.

But not understanding how virtual worlds affect some people so strangely still. I’ve done some talking about the price fixing, bad attitudes toward customers, blatant disrespect for anyone else’s freedom of thought or speech, and so forth in the breedables world.

One person in particular who’s with the same people in both grids asked a very pointed question. “Why are they so rude and horrid in SL and yet the nicest people ever in IW? It’s scary.”

Made me think. They really are! And not just the individuals we’ve been discussing.

The more people you gather together, the meaner they get?  I don’t know. Doesn’t seem as simple as that. The BB and KC crew seem completely unaffected by neither the idea of money grabbing in the secondary market, or being disrespectful and defensive against their customers. And they have huge groups.

Maybe some people just can’t handle the pressure of having too many personalities to deal with.

I do know one thing.

Zero Tolerance towards your customers is wrong. Very wrong. They have every right to disagree with you. They have every right to get mad at you if you do something wrong.

Problem with this group is that they had one person get riled up and try to cause a whole load of trouble for them. I mean huge accusations of owners and CSRs in chat and in notecards to other people. Yes, that’s crossing the line, and they dealt with it properly. We, the rest of their customers, stood behind them and supported them in this.

They did that right. What they did wrong was close down groups so new customers can’t join unless they find someone to let them in. In what world does that make sense? It’s destructive and an over reaction to one trouble maker. It actually punished us who were trying to bring new customers in. It made our job twice as difficult…and still is to this day. My ranch partner and I constantly try to jump through hoops to help people.

You close off groups and you alienate people. You want people to buy more product from you, you remove the barriers to that. This means quick and easy access to notices on products, and quick and easy access to getting help with their products. It’s the same rules we follow in our real life businesses.

The Zero Tolerance didn’t become an issue in IW. Let’s face it. Those of us there, just close chat and keep our traps shut, because we don’t want to get banned, or told we’re not a CSR so we shouldn’t be helping others. It happens. A lot.

A little secret. When the person needing help, doesn’t get enough or we’re not sure if they are, and they purchased product from us…we contact them in private to make sure they’re okay. We take care of our customers fully. We even listen respectfully to their complaints. And guess what? They keep coming back to us for more sales.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a wonderful group of people. Super product creation. Extra generous creators and customers.

But I won’t be in SL with them…ever. They’ve handed the management reins over to a group of non-tolerant, control hungry people.

I went to work with my friend’s avatar a few days ago. I won’t go into the mayhem I saw while I was there, but I totally stand with my above statement.

I left telling my friend I probably won’t want to take over her avatar and breedables when she’s done. But really…maybe I will. She’s doing BB and KC and they’re top notch. They really run a good business, and are so supportive, and her animals are kicking out some fun stuff. Plus, dangit, the character she chose has been begging me to write some short funny stories to use her for.

But, in myself, I’m starting to learn why this stuff bothers me. Yes, there’s the whole “this is my stuff and I’ll do what I dang well like” attitude. And being against any form of price fixing, whether it’s direct or implied or coerced.

It’s more than that. There’s ethics in selling anything. And for me, keeping the secondary market running high is not a concern at all. In fact, I don’t think it should be high. I don’t think anyone should be made to pay $200USD or more for a pixel object. NEVER. And yes, I’ve seen that just today when I visited my friend this morning. Yes the product’s bit rare, but not an ethical thing to do. Sadly, it’s all too common in SL.

This is why virtual world marketplaces have always bothered me. So many people get into it and just see dollar signs. Reasonable sales I’m all for. And there are structured plans to make money at that…it works. But these go for the quick buck to pay their gaming bills.

When I got to SL eons ago, it used to be all about creativity and fun. Now everywhere you go, people don’t have fun. They’re disappointed in the game because it doesn’t pay the bills they incur in the game…some even complain they can’t buy food in RL because of the game. (Another topic.)

IW is fun. It’s about the fun still. It feels like home.

This week and next week, I’m taking care of parents and work on some big projects. Then a few days break to catch up…maybe get some Dee’s Designs product made for RFL sales this year. Then our anniversary weekend and a family care visit.

During this time, I’ll try to write up a new Elpis journal to post here. I don’t think she’ll have a book coming, but maybe a small Age story.

For work, I got a new iphone and a new ipad. Life saver and best investment ever. Internet went wonky when a live webinar was starting and I was able to quickly use my ipad’s data to set up and get into the webinar.

I gotta tell you. RealMyst on the ipad is awesome. I’ve played it many times but loving it on the ipad. Need some practice though still. Walking around Myst Island like a drunk. LOL

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The End is Near at #secondlife for me anyway

Elpis, the avatar, is down to her last week or so at Second Life.

It’s been a good show, a good life, but it’s time to let go.

Especially since when I start to be optimistic about staying, I find out that dealing with the whiny people that have come out is so frustrating. There’s more grumpy breeders in SL now…the breedables are still great, just more people voicing how they’re entitled or just plain whining.  oYo is releasing their horses there, which is awesome. (And not a bad thing, as one breeder had the balls to whine about. Sorry to you that they responded favorably to demands to release them there and didn’t cater to you personally. Grow up!)

But I’m breeding way over 200 on four sims in IW and still see the day when I add on. Still no Biobreeds, but that’s their loss. Get the feeling they prefer Sansar anyway.

I did warn my friends of my leaving. It was one awesome breedable/publishing friend who responded to me and members of my D’ni family. Some I stayed in contact with, so didn’t need a response. Others who did not told me respond…well, they ignoring me told me how they felt, so they’re already unfriended.

Now, I start saying final good-byes and unfriending people. I’ll attempt to visit an auction and a D’ni gathering before going completely. Tricky with me working 12 hour days.

This blog is getting a clean out, and just be here to register how Elpis leaves, not only Second Life, but also the world of D’ni Exploring.

Here’s a page from Maci’s journal that briefly outlines what’s happened:

Maci’s journal April 2nd, 2016

I’m not sure what’s going on, to be honest. Noble and I are remaining with the M’nine people to study their language and traditions more and document them. The rest of the exploration group broke up after we found the M’nine people and returned them to their home. 

Elpis and Thorne have disappeared. For a long time, they stayed in the cavern and came to see some of the events a few of FotF people threw, but then stopped. No word. No nothing. Not even to me.

Elpis had been feeling restless and saying she needed to take a long journey. She has a secret area within D’ni Aegura. Filled with more linking books she found and never turned in to the group. I’ve never seen them, but she told me about them.

Perhaps with the clues she left me I could find her secret home and follow her, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll choose to respect her choice in life and continue my work with Noble.

I do miss her. She is my best friend.

Elpis doesn't much like Sharper and the "work" he did.

Elpis doesn’t much like Sharper and the “work” he did.


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